Custom tape

Custom tape is essentially packaging tape printed with your companies logo, and business details on. The reason for this is to server as an advertising element that also increases the security of your boxes and precious cargo in transit.

Imagine that if 10% of your orders were tampered with, and if each order was worth 500£,  and you produced 1000 orders a month, you could potentially be loosing 100 x 500£ = £50000 per month, this amounts to over half a million pounds per year, which is not good by any means.

The reason as to why custom tape from this website is becoming increasingly popular is that it is a low priced product that does multiple tasks,  you could perhaps say that the marketing element of having custom printed tape is the most important nowadays as advertising costs continue to increase, the cost and the technology used to produced bespoke tape have stayed the same and a re repetitively low.

In the UK there are only a handful of custom tape producers which means that prices are competitive and it is a very old fashioned industry and method of printing, the print method used is flexographic printing and it is labour intensive often in hot and sweaty environments with staff being paid round £13000 to £21000 per year .

I do have respect for professional printers however the industry is not a very lucrative one, printing tape is not and will never become a hot trend or fashionable but for businesses around the globe that’s perfect as it keeps their costs down.

In west Yorkshire i only know of one direct printed tape manufacturer although there are many merchants and re sellers of tape i know that the tape supplier in Bradford manufacture and print in house, they also have a design studio and prices are quite cheap, you can get 1000 rolls for under £1 which is great because on each roll you get 66 meters of tape, enough to seal over 50 boxes thoroughly.

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